When it comes to choosing a new wardrobe for your bedroom, there are certain important factors which need to be taken into thought, such as the size of the room, the position of the windows, the colors, the lighting etc.

The first basic stage in the design is to consider the optimum position of the wardrobe in order to take full advantage of the space. On the other hand, it is not always possible to use the best wall in the room and therefore it must be decided how to incorporate a wardrobe in the most attractive and suitable way possible. Sometimes, it may be necessary to relinquish a piece of redundant furniture in order to make the most of the space available. On this subject, a sliding door wardrobe can provide an excellent solution to the quest for maximum use of any space. A space saver with the improvement of much more storage than existing wardrobes of today.  Also design-wise, this wardrobe provides us with clever answers like the use of glass doors, offering the illusion of space, perfect for small rooms.

Sliding door wardrobes are built differently to other wardrobes on the market today (such as those with standard doors) due to the unique way they are assembled. Wardrobe doors are assembled on the outside of the body of the wardrobe, thus not taking up any space and providing a greater volume on the inside. Another advantage is that it can be built up to the ceiling with the smallest of gaps, gaining maximum height and storage space.

Below are the Tips,

  • Choice of color

When talking about the design of a bedroom, designers mostly look for restrained, solid colors. Nevertheless, there are those who fancy indulging in something unique. This is an opportunity for those to take the plunge and express their ideas by using a more daring colors. It should be remembered that quieter, lighter colors enlarge the illusion of space and are often more suitable for smaller rooms.

  • Materials and Prints

A selection of textures and materials can be used, such as: wood, cement, glass etc. It is possible to design a wardrobe which has a clean, minimalist look or at the other extreme, one with a very individual, unique print.

It is important to note that due to the unlimited variety of materials, it is possible to achieve any design idea that comes to mind and to apply it to any space.

  • Accessories

The choice of the right accessories is critical in perfecting the general look in the space and provides the finishing touch to the room. Curtains can enhance the special look as do bed throws. Colorful, patterned and textured cushions decorate a bed creating an energetic, yet harmonious room. The use of mirrors in a room can also add to the illusion of size and openness.