Raised floor

Raised floor

01. Introduction

The raised floor also called technical or industrial floor is an essential element for work centers. It allows all voice and data cable installations below the pavement level and well hidden. We can combine normal floors with raised floors to maintain consistency across work centers.

It is best for providing very easy access to maintenance teams and for modifications without breaking or drilling walls.

02. Installation

Since it is usually installed on height-adjustable pedestals, it is not necessary to level the floor before installation. The raised floor is mounted level with a rotating laser, directly on the concrete slab, so we can save on masonry work.

We also recommend the use of ceramic flooring, the final finish is practically the same as that of a standard porcelain floor and its durability is much higher than that of other finishes.

03. Features

  • Electrical, voice and data installations can be installed underground for access when required
  • The finishes of the raised floor can be HPL, PVC, linoleum, ceramic, natural stone, natural wood, carpet etc
  • The lower finish of the plates can be in aluminium foil, galvanised sheet tray or kraft paper
  • The pedestals and crossbars incorporate an ABS pad to receive the plates and dampen vibrations from traffic on the pavement
  • The pedestals are adjustable in height to absorb the irregularities of the slab.