Partitions and Cubicles

Partitions and Cubicles

01. Introduction

Our workspaces are becoming an extension of our homes, therefore thoughtful attention to detail and design creates a space where working becomes a pleasure.

Either using wooden, glass or dry wall materials; we provide a warm environment for comfort and functionality in offices, hotels, schools, toilets and any other kind of rooms. Cubicles designed for toilets are made to measure and always uniform to the position and colour of the doors to the rest rooms.

02. Installation

Since the structural profile is usually tubular and requires watertight joints. All square areas are measured and the best material is recommended for the installations taking into consideration the environment of the installation. The double glass glazing for office partitions are available with straight lines and rounded lines.

Movable partitions that work best for hotels, party rooms, meeting rooms and educational centers can also be installed to maximise and take advantage of large spaces. 

03. Features

  • Glass partitions can be double or single glazed
  • Wooden partitions can extended in height to fit between frames and panels
  • All door handle are stainless steel and the doors can be equipped with signs for indication of purpose
  • Movable partitions can be folded or stacked to make more space available
  • Toilet cubicles are waterproof with stainless steel adjustable legs
  • ¬†Locks used on all doors have a hidden antilock system that also allows it to be opened from outside if necessary.