Fitted Kitchen

Fitted Kitchen

01. Introduction

A fitted and clean kitchen is every woman's alter. In our day to day life, every woman spends precious time in the kitchen, this has made us decided to work closely with every client by letting them do the deign of their kitchen space while put it to drawings and implement every client's idea of a fitted kitchen.

We provide quality kitchen accessories to help organise the kitchen better. Every corner or space of a kitchen matters to us, we design based on the space provided and the feel or aesthetic the clients want their kitchen to look like.

02. Installation

Unlike most local carpenters or cabinet makers that move panels of kitchen cabinet to the clients place to produce, we do 90% of our mechanisation at our factory and quality control of every edge leaping of each panel of each board before moving to site. After the assembling, we install the clients choice of top on the cabinet already installed in modules.

We understand the fact that some kitchens can be flooded based on our experience of clients leaving kitchen taps on overnight, this is why we provide adjustable plastic pedestals for the cabinets and covered with silver toe kicks made of rubber and plastic.

03. Features

  • Tall cabinet units that accommodates the microwave and oven perfectly
  • Options to select any desired colour for the cabinets
  • LED lights (hinge light or toe-kick rope lights)
  • Racks for proper kitchen organisation (plate rack, cutlery racks, pull-out dustbins)
  • Hydraulic kitchen runners for drawers and soft close for safety
  • Quality log lasting handles
  • Kitchen top proper installation
  • 1 year warranty on appliances that fits client's choice.